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It is so interesting that the thing that needs the MOST focus and attention in transitions or big change is the thing that takes the biggest hit. We prioritize everything above our basic self-care needs. We compromise how we eat by making poor choices out of habit, “convenience” or a need to numb. We stop moving the body in nurturing and joyful ways, we sacrifice our sleep and other necessary selfcare practices get put into the “luxury” category. This is completely backwards because without a functioning and enriched mind, body, and spirit we can’t truly show up for ourselves much less anyone else. That’s why this is the number one thing we tackle and address. We will focus on healing the body through nourishing food and intuitive eating. We will identify a joyful movement routine, and hone in self care minimums. Committing to and seamlessly integrating radical self-care into your life is vital so you can live out your Dharma or life’s purpose. But to do so we must start with a healthy body, mind, and spirit.


When we experience huge loss or go huge life transitions, whether they are positive or challenging, we question or doubt who we really are and what our life’s purpose is. If I am no longer this person’s wife, actively parenting, or this particular job, then who am I and what is my life about?

By identifying your true nature, uncovering your passion and discovering what brings you joy, I guide you toward embracing your true Dharma or life’s calling so you reclaim your purest sense of identity that is solely based on yourself and not linked to any shifting or impermanent external factor.


Even positive life transitions like relocation or an awesome new job come with a sense of loss and a grieving process. We forget that grief or other negative emotions are not exclusive to loss alone so we fail to acknowledge them. When we want to change something or create a shift we tend to focus on what we DON’T want and resist what is. Negative emotions are not ones most of us want to have but is a natural part of letting go and moving forward. We tend to avoid discomfort at all cost. We would rather numb the pain with food, alcohol, overworking or simply deny it all together by ignoring it. The fact is that by suppressing the emotions we don’t want they compound and eventually rear their ugly heads usually at a terribly inopportune time. The most effective way past our obstacles and difficulties it is to go right through them. In this 2 step process we come to grips with and learn how to embrace and accept all that is so that we can ultimately gracefully and skillfully release what is not serving us and create a powerful shift.


I say the heart is the most vital organ in the body and the most powerful chakra or energy center. It is the source. When the heart is broken, aching, or weak, the life force, prana that is your birthright gets suppressed, congested, and blocked from flowing freely. Things we once enjoyed become lack luster, life feels dim, and even the normal everyday tasks of our lives begin to feel daunting and virtually impossible to tackle. By using a variety of healing modalities and techniques including mental and emotional release you will be supported and guided through healing the heart and opening that channel so that powerful love filled energy can flow once more.


Big changes and shift in life can create isolation and make us feel entirely disconnected. Whether it is relocation, a new job, loss, divorce, or any other life altering transition, our sense of connection to a community gets rocked and comes into question. Where do we fit and with whom can we feel an authentic sense of connection as we go through the myriad of emotions that come with change? Even if our families and loved ones are in close proximity, we can feel like we are on an island. The group nature of this program is absolutely vital because communing with others going through similar things gives us comfort in knowing we are not alone nor are we meant to be. Human beings are hard wired for connection and in fact without it, we perish. In a supportive loving community holding one another up and leaning on each other, healing is not only accelerated, but elevated.


What brings you joy? What lights you up? Most people never stop to ask that question and identify it much less live it. When asked what gets you out of bed in the morning, most people do not respond with an answer that has anything to do with what brings them joy. When you dread work, loathe going to the gym, or even tackling your day-to-day life tasks, your energy gets zapped and you vibrate at a low frequency. You begin to attract more of what you dread because that is the energy that you emit. To heal, manifest our heart’s desire, live into our Dharma and live FULL OUT we must tap into the things that make us light up from within and lose time. Who are the people and what are the things in your life that bring out the best in you? Who and what create the opposite affect? When you can identify these things, weed out what does not serve your highest purpose, and turn up the volume on what is left you begin to vibrate at your highest frequency. Life begins to flow with ease, everything begins to feel effortless, and you begin to live from your heart space and spread that light infectiously to everyone around you and into everything you do…AND it is a daily spiritual PRACTICE. We practice it on the daily so it becomes automatic and the new normal rather that a fleeting moment in time we try to hang on to.

Committing to and seamlessly integrating radical self-care into your life is vital.