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I’m deeply committed to empowering ambitious, driven and compassionate people to learn how to take up more space, step into who they truly are and live a wholehearted life. When obligations overwhelm your ability to set boundaries – it leads to resentment, anxiety, and self-sabotage and it becomes difficult to serve from a place of love. My goal is to support you in nurturing the love in your most important relationship – the one with yourself – by integrating the 7 Pillars of Resilience.


Work With Pegah

For the past 20 years, Pegah has been teaching, facilitating, and supporting people on their path of personal growth and empowerment.

Coach Pegah's Raves

My top three goals when heading into this program were to gain confidence in myself and who I really am, manage my anxiety without medication, feel good in my skin, my career and my relationships. Pegah was able to help me achieve these goals by being attentive, loving and committed to my success and outcome during the duration of the program. She challenged me which in turn led to growth and change where it was needed. The most significant overall change I have noticed has been awareness of the areas of my life that are out of balance, and noticing the areas that are not and working and implementing ways to bring things into balance and harmony. Pegah is inspiring, caring and absolutely stunning both inside and out. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a partner in crime and someone to help manage this thing called life.

Lexi DuffyNew York, NY

My time/work with Pegah became so much more than that & beyond my expectations. I learned how food & mood are intertwined & to pay attention to those triggers. I leaned to pause, be curious, look for the positive intention. In other words, what is the gift/opportunity in this challenge? Before working with Pegah, I didn't know that I was merely surviving in my world on many levels. Since working with her, I have experienced a shift in how I see my world & myself in it...I pause to examine my perspective & look for the positive. & stop making myself wrong or shamed. She has lovingly/gently helped me to see that & has given me the tools to continue my journey.Pegah is extremely supportive & encouraging. She is especially proficient at pointing out the upside/positive.....what "worked" in every discovery. I loved how she would take my personal moments of discovery & use them as the building blocks for even more self-discovery.

Mary KempSaint Paul, MN

As a coach I found Pegah to be knowledgeable, realistic and supportive! Pegah has an answer for everything-she finds a solution that is realistic and breaks it down into steps so it won't be overwhelming. I am now leading a healthier happier lifestyle without much effort. I find that I do things naturally without having to think about them. My new choices have become a part of my everyday life. Pegah is supportive, caring, knowledgeable and realistic. She helped me see that self-care is beneficial to me and whenever I had a question about anything she seemed to know the answer--everything from food, exercise, hormones and sleep patterns to overcoming obstacles and life challenges. Throughout the program, I also felt really cared for because of her warm personality and guidance.

Liz O'MalleyNew Orleans, LA

Pegah was Inspirational and driven as a coach. She was supportive throughout the entire process and helped me realize my confidence and resilience. She was not only very knowledgable about foods, vitamins, and self care and how those things impact my feelings, she was also able to give me tools to let go of old patterns of behavior and really transform my life.

Jessica SeitzMinneapolis, MN

My coaching experience with Pegah was really powerful! She expertly guided me through a series of questions that helped me identify a core pattern that has been affecting my ability to live and thrive. Now that I have that powerful AHA I feel so much lighter and more forgiving toward myself. I feel supported to release the struggle I was having with my inner critic. I would highly recommend her support to anyone going through a tough time.

Marin Bach-AntonsonSan Francisco, CA