Many of you know my absolute love of the book Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell.  It is my opinion that every powerful woman that is up to something, and every powerful man that loves her, should read this book.  Because I am a big believer in continuing to do the work and walk the talk even as, and especially if you are a spiritual teacher, I did the exercise she suggested.  She asked that we write a letter from the Divine Mother to ourselves to remind ourselves of what she wants us to know. So, in the spirit of total vulnerability, I have decided to share the letter that came through me with all of you…

My Dearest Pegah,

I know that it may feel like the past few years have been a series of obstacles for you to overcome or like I have in some way been testing you or abandoned you in some way.  I assure you, that is not the case.

Though you have felt challenged, pushed, uprooted, cracked open, raw, and utterly vulnerable, this has all been a necessary process of allowing what needs to fall away or be burned off to do so.

In the midst of perceived loss, in the depths of the fire, there is a seed of wisdom.  There is a higher purpose. There is the truth.

And if you allow yourself to sit in it, to sit with it and let the fire burn until there is nothing remaining but ash, I promise you that what you have been seeking will be found…because it has been there with you all along.  It was there, just covered with layer upon layer of karmic agreements, and human experiences that were being called for you to peel them away.

That seed of truth and wisdom is what will give your Phoenix wings. It is what will allow you to stand tall and proud out of the ashes and lead.  It is the spark that will reignite the light within you that it is your destiny to share.

I know that there is pain. I ask you to recognize the exquisite sweetness of it as it is like a wound being cauterized.

I know that there is discomfort. I invite you to trust that on the other side of that discomfort is absolute bliss and total ecstasy.

I ask that you allow yourself like a caterpillar to go inside the cocoon and trust the magic and miracle of metamorphosis.

I ask simply, that you trust me, that you trust God and surrender.  I ask that you give this experience over to me, knowing that I have you, that you are divinely held, that you are safe.

That is what I need you to know.  That is what I ask that you stitch into your heart.

With boundless love always,

The Divine Mother


That was the letter I received from her today.  May it give you some comfort and stand as a reminder to you of what you need to hear because we are all connected and if I needed to hear that today, then I gather that if you are reading this, you needed to hear it too.

From my loving hear to yours always…

With Aloha,


Pegah Kadkhodaian

Author Pegah Kadkhodaian

Pegah has been in the world of personal, professional, and spiritual development for over 20 years. She has a background in yoga, mindfulness, Neurolinguistic Programming, Huna and Theta Healing Her life's passion and personal mission statement is to uplift, inspire, and empower women by guiding them to access their inherent gifts and wisdom. Her whole hearted intention is to facilitate and guide people to discover their inherent value and worth, and as such to harness their profoundly resilient nature. She feels deeply honored and privileged to be called to this work.

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