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For the past 20 years, Pegah has been teaching, facilitating, and supporting people on their path of personal growth and empowerment. Resilience coaching, NLP, and Huna are just the next iteration of her life’s work. Executive Resilience coaching uses holistic, complementary and cutting edge approaches and techniques to empower clients to transform their lives and cultivate reinforce patterns of radical transformation in themselves and others.

In addition to being the Founder of PKNY Health and  PK Coaching, Pegah is a board certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, and an international trainer of NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming). She was a featured trainer at the Empowerment Partnership for many years. She is a Master Practitioner and Certified Trainer of NLP, Hypnotherapy, and Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy. She has taught at the University of Minnesota at both the Twin Cities and Duluth campuses. She is also a certified yoga instructor who has taught and facilitated thousands of hours of yoga and yoga teacher trainings throughout the world.

As an artist with a background in the performing arts, she spent 15 years singing, acting and dancing across stages in New York City, Chicago, Minneapolis and California. Pegah feels most at home on stage and loves teaching and sharing her principles of resilience through a refreshingly honest, gritty, and no-nonsense style that commands the attention of her audiences.

Whether she’s teaching NLP, coaching personal clients, or hosting destination yoga and wellness retreats around the world; Pegah is grateful for each day that she has the privilege of guiding people to realize their fullest potential through cultivating resilience and living a totally empowered life.

A Message from Pegah:

Resilience is in my DNA. Like many people, I have endured a lifetime of transitions. It started at the age of 3 when I escaped my home country of Iran because there was a revolution happening. My aunt was a political prisoner and endured unspeakable loss. My mother was uprooted and moved to Germany and then to the U.S. to start her life over and raise two children on her own and put herself through nursing school. These two women have been the most influential people in my life. Reflecting back on my life, I’ve realized that my whole journey – since inception – has been about coming face-to-face with, meeting, and rising above radical changes and transitions with some semblance of sanity and grace. And this is how the 7 pillars of Resilience were born.

From my heart to yours,