The idea of cycles and rhythms is not one that is unique to any one school of thought or spiritual teaching and because it is my particular path, I will share the following insights with you from a Huna (ancient Hawaiian system of spirituality and working with energy) perspective.

Everything in nature has cycles and rhythms.  We see this most obviously with respect to the seasons.  The other universal truth to examine for the purpose of our discussion today is that of the three energies of creation, transformation, and completion.  This is a universal truth with everything that exists. Literally, everything is in a state of either creation, transformation, or completion.

Ok, all of that said, let me explain where I am going with all of this.  A few weeks ago, I was at a friend’s house for a weekly gathering of like-minded souls that come together to continue our study of not only Huna but universal spiritual concepts.  The discussion often goes to some pretty out there places, which of course I love, and on this particular evening, we got on the topic of cycles and rhythms.

We each shared that it seemed like our lives have a particular cycle that they go through every year, and one of us pointed out that he notices the shift in energy most right around the time of his birthday.

I realized that similarly, I have a noticeable shift right around that time as well.  In looking at the shifts in energy that I have been noticing with respect to my own life, I realized that what is happening for me, and potentially most of the rest of us, is that our birthday and the months that follow correlate to the energies of creation, transformation, and completion. Or in other words, inception/childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and finally our senior years into death.

Every year, right around the time of my birthday and into the new year, I am filled with an energy of possibility, excitement, and wonder.  To me, this is reminiscent of childhood and the awe with which children approach life.

Right around the end of Spring, the energy shifts into one of growth and big transformation and usually is accompanied by a lot of internal tantrums, acting out, and it is terribly uncomfortable. Hello, adolescence! Over the years, I have come to expect that this is coming and therefore, have learned how to ride the wave so to speak. But for years, I would dread this time of year and I would hold on for dear life feeling tossed around and like I was drowning.  

Then inevitably, this period would pass.  Whether I struggled my way through it or just allowed it to happen, it would pass and on the other side of it was always this sense of grounding.  I would year after year, in the late summer/early autumn begin to feel this sense of stability again like I had learned the big lessons that were there for me to learn that year.  With that, I would find myself in what I liken to adulthood. There would come with it a maturity and a quiet sense of knowing that everything was going to be ok. As the fall turned into winter, I would shift not only into a state of knowing but what felt like a deeper wisdom which I would compare to that of being in the silver or senior years of our lives as we get ready to come into the completion energy.

And just like that, it would all come to an end, and with my birthday, the whole darn thing would begin again!

As I shared this with the group, we were all astounded to find that we could all relate and that the same was true for all of us.

We all got pretty excited about it because from a Huna perspective if you know your cycles and rhythms and what to expect in the each of these phases, then you can go into them prepared and ready to ride each wave, learn the lessons, and cycle out and into the next phase.

And if you think of each phase of your cycles and rhythms like that of creation, transformation, completion or childhood, adolescence, adulthood, becoming a senior, and death, then it can give you a sense of relief in knowing that there is a particular energy associated with each phase and a particular intention in each phase.  With that knowledge, you can breathe easy, and roll with it.

It is not easy at first and the more you know and practice the art of leaning into each cycle, the easier it gets each round.

That said, if you resist and refuse to learn the lessons within each of the phases, you can find yourself in a perpetual loop that can feel pretty stuck or like it is in a downward spiral.  So, it behooves us all to continue to do the work of self-exploration, release, and recalibration, and to know that it is an ongoing process. The work is never ever done.

When I came to this realization, in the midst of what is my adolescence this year, I felt such a relief and I have found this round of my particular cycle a great deal more doable, though not necessarily easy.  And you know what, I am ok with that. I actually trust that it will, with time and practice, get easier.

So dear one, do you know your own cycles and rhythms? How can you begin to notice them more and approach them with greater compassion and curiosity?

Take some time to explore this.  Journal about it. Feel free to share your insights here, post them in the Radical Resilience Facebook group, or simply keep them close to your heart.

From my loving heart to yours alway…

With Aloha,


Pegah Kadkhodaian

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Pegah has been in the world of personal, professional, and spiritual development for over 20 years. She has a background in yoga, mindfulness, Neurolinguistic Programming, Huna and Theta Healing Her life's passion and personal mission statement is to uplift, inspire, and empower women by guiding them to access their inherent gifts and wisdom. Her whole hearted intention is to facilitate and guide people to discover their inherent value and worth, and as such to harness their profoundly resilient nature. She feels deeply honored and privileged to be called to this work.

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