Now, certainly, it is important to move your body in loving and empowered ways (just peek at my Instagram video from the #middaybootychallenge).

What I am talking about is taking action!

I love the law of attraction and something that was left out of the movie The Secret was the importance of taking action.  Thinking positive thoughts and acting as though you already have your goal is fine and good but if you don’t actually get up off your booty and do something, they are nothing more than happy thoughts.

In our world of NLP we talk about the 4 requisites for change and empowerment.  

They are:

1. Release baggage (negative emotions and limiting beliefs)
2. Create a compelling future (set a goal…a big one)
4. Maintain your focus on that goal and course correct as needed

Notice number 3.  An action is the key to results and most people tend to do these things in an order that doesn’t really serve them.  Many times they take action before letting go of their baggage and if you have ever done something while inside a negative emotion you know, it doesn’t go well.

The other thing people sometimes do is to set a goal but then never actually do anything about it.

You gotta get moving friends.  The thing to do is at least one power step every day toward that thing that is making your heart sing.

Think about it.  If you did just one thing every day for 365 days, that is a lot of freaking action.

Whether it is to research a healthy diet plan for you, to look into a retreat, to create a business plan, or to go on that first date, you’ve got to take a step…and not just one, but one EVERY DAY.

So, dear one, what are your goals, and what are you doing EVERY day to get there? Post what you are willing to do today here and let’s inspire each other to get moving!

From my loving active heart to yours…

With Aloha,

Pegah Kadkhodaian

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