Coach Pegah's Raves

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Working with Pegah has helped me in all aspects of my life. My goals were pretty concrete when I started and they have evolved and expanded. Things that I never thought were possible are now real goals for my future.
She helped me recognize that I was working in an energy draining, unfulfilling job, which made me realize I needed to move on to something else. I am now at a job that I love with many opportunities. Pegah has also helped me get on a good track health wise. She taught me how to listen to my body and pay attention to how foods make me feel. Pegah’s encouragement has helped me take chances and try things that I would have never tried before. I never thought I would of a 5k but with Pegah’s support I trained for one and completed it!
I learned that I am enough. I learned that I am worthy! Working with Pegah helped me realize what I am capable of. I always thought of myself as someone with who had ideas but low drive to implement my ideas. The program has helped me realize that this is not true and that I am capable of whatever I want to do. Pegah is a calm, encouraging presence. She helps you realize what you are capable of without "telling" you. She has you delve deep and work on yourself from the inside out. I have completed 3 rounds with her and am happy to say she is still my coach!

Sara LitkeIsrael

The biggest highlights of my work with Pegah are having more options, more awakenings to stir up my creative skills and having the courage to get myself out of a relationship that was poisonous to me. I am able to be aware of excessive work and to balance my social, spiritual, and personal self to find harmony. Things I set in motion during our coaching program were: enrolling back in to college to finish a bachelors degree, committing myself to open up my creative mind again, surrounding myself with people that are supportive, uplifting,and peaceful. Pegah helped me examine my situation and guided my thinking to a positive light so that I could overcome and adapt new skills when faced with stressful situations. She is very supportive and giving. A great listener, she understands and appreciates problems that are being described and holds space for us to uncover the solution ourselves. It was a great experience.

Fred BerndtMinneapolis, MN

My goal when starting the resilience program was to to set forth a spiritual path that would lead to filling my life with Love, Joy and compassion toward others. After my first conversation with Pegah and we figured out what is most important in my life to have. I recognized that this is what I always desired I just didn't know how to say it. I realized that what I needed most was a path to be set in front of me so that I knew during my journey when at times I became confused that I had someone to check in with to assure me I was headed in the right direction. Most importantly I have begun to look at my thoughts and actions with a new perspective so that I can stop any negative thought patterns and regain control of my ego. Pegah is really patient. There were so many times I couldn't quite describe what it was that I was feeling or what I wanted and she helped cut through all the clutter in my mind to help draw out what it is I truly desired. The program that Pegah provided set forth a path that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I feel so confident that I am putting time and energy into what will eventually lead me to bring out all the best attributes that already reside inside me. I have never felt so present within my self. And I look forward to the journey that lies before me and my continued work with Pegah.

Alex KurzEncinitas, CA

Working with Pegah has been life-changing. I have struggled with anxiety and depression off and on for many years, and having Pegah as a coach brought real break throughs. I have learned to embrace change, to be ok with "not-knowing", to stay calm in anxious situations, to truly have more inner peace, to believe in myself, to believe that my destiny will manifest, and to trust that it will all be ok. She leads by example and is an inspiration to so many. Mere words can't seem to convey how much better I feel and how happy I am to be growing into a lifestyle of peace, calm and joy. Pegah is amazing and inspirational, a mix of tough love and compassion. She guides with love but isn't afraid to say the hard truth or to push me when I need to be pushed. I am so grateful you she is in my life as I continue to work with her!

April MosebrookSolana Beach, CA

Working with Pegah has allowed me to shine my light. I was able to identify and dissolve several old strategies that were getting in the way of feeling vibrant, effective and joyful. Our time together has me being more connected, productive and focused in both my personal and professional life. I am grateful.

WhitneyLos Angeles, CA

Coaching with Pegah was the best investment I have ever made into my own development. After years of trying therapy and other things. I found Pegah and she helped me put all of my learnings together into a cohesive plan that helped me to get clear on my goals, my purpose, and ultimately see myself more clearly and truly. In the process of our coaching, I was able to come off anxiety/depression medication, develop a keen emotional intelligence, and learn that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. I also learned strategies I can use in my day to day life not only for myself, but for helping others as well. Pegah made this deep learning experience desirable and attainable. I do not know where I would be if she had not come into my life!

JocelynSan Diego, CA

I have spent so many years, days and hours working on my personal development. Always looking for ways to gain knowledge, create new habits, eliminate self-doubt, in essence, hack my brain like a computer to overwrite poor programing and install new and better programs. Pegah is master of taking you through a personal breakthrough session so you can break out and live large and charge after your dreams. I do not take chances, I find those that will best serve me and my needs to push me farther and faster. Pegah is one of those rare individuals. Coming from a loving and caring place but not afraid to have you push yourself for the answer and hold you accountable in the moment for what you want and asked for. Truly a great and blessed experience.

Christopher R HicksLos Angeles, CA

Working with Pegah was one of the best investments I could have made for myself. She guided me through uncovering truths about myself I wasn’t always aware of and helped me to eliminate limiting beliefs and work towards my goals without resistance. I have gained more confidence in myself and feel on track towards the life I have envisioned. As a coach Pegah is kind, supportive and uplifting. I am forever grateful for my coaching experience.

Jenny LopesSan Diego, CA

I call her the “velvet hammer”. She’s beautiful, fetching, witty, and playful on the outside, but at her core is a fire breathing pegasus of belief, experience, love, encouragement, fortitude and intellect. When I found out that she typically coaches CEOs of big companies, I knew I found someone especially rare.There are no excuses with Pegah. “I can’t” isn’t in her vocabulary and it won’t be in yours if you have the privilege to talk to her. I dare you to say “I can’t” in her presense. She will beat the devel out of you. “I can and I will” will be your new mantra in all realms of your life! Last Wednesday I had the privilege to sit down with her for an 8 hour MER(Mental Emotional Release) breakthrough session that focused my intensions so acutely that 2 of my major career goals manifested the next day. All I did is talk to her and she flipped a light switch in me that will not turn off. I am happy to call her my new coach!

Ethan Wayne WetzelSan Diego, CA