Who Is Your Tribe?


Let me start this post by saying I have never been more present to the importance of having a tribe and a community of support in my life as I have this past week.

It has been a doozie and yet, I am so grateful for every moment and every lesson.

That said, without the incredible tribe of people I have in my life, I am not sure I would have made it through with as much grace and grit as I have.

As human beings, we are hard-wired for connection.  We cannot do this little dance called life alone.

We are built for not only connection but a community.  We thrive when we have a solid and unwavering support system that we know we can turn to and lean upon unconditionally.

One of the most important and foundational aspects of resilience is one’s ability to not only connect with and rely on their community but also one’s willingness to give back and contribute to said community.

This week I have called on every single one of my tribe. Whether it has been for emotional support, legal guidance, collaboration, or just to simply have lunch and laugh.

I called upon my Ohana (the Hawaiian word for family) and they stepped up like an army of light ready to hold me in grace and love.

In turn, I have also given back to them. Most recently I had a client that needed a referral for her son and I connected her with the just the right person.  That and I created a forum for people to connect in community and support one another.

I used to think I had to go it alone.  I had misconceptions that it was somehow heroic to be a lone wolf.  From me to you, that is utter bullshit.

It is far more brave to be vulnerable to know when you need help and even more courageous to actually reach out and ask for it.

We are meant to do this thing together. So, I ask you dear one, who is your tribe? Have you reached out to them lately to connect?  Could you use their support? And finally, how have you been giving back to them?

You are not alone. You do not have to go it alone. We are all here for you.

From my grateful heart from our collective grateful heart to yours,

With Aloha,


Pegah Kadkhodaian

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